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Delay in PRI invitation
Does anyone know what currently the average time is between the notification that your CEng application is put forward for the PRI and the actual invitation for the PRI? For me it is 13 weeks now (in the notification it says 6 - 8 weeks with some possible delay due to COVID). My area of expertise is power systems engineering. 
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Kathryn Bain
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Hi Jeroen,

In the first instance I would recommend that you contact the professional registration team directly on the email they have supplied so that they can look into this for you and advise.

Kind Regards,
Kathryn Bain
To add to what Kathryn has said, I can say that I have anecdotal evidence that there is about a month additional delay due to COVID. If you add to that a delay due to the festive period, your delay is about what I would expect at present, but the IET have been eating into the delay so dropping the team an email is probably worthwhile.
There can be additionally extra delays due to area of expertise (trying to match interviewers to candidate) but Power Systems Engineering is not an area I would expect there to be a problem in this regard.
Best wishes for your interview (when it comes).
Hi Jeroen,

I submitted for PRI start of July and got the invite just before Christmas.   Had the interview last week.

I think Covid has made things much more difficult for the IET and there's a massive backlog.   I think it will just take a while to work through the system.

Best wishes for the interview.

Hi Paul,

I just got the invitation last week. This Thursday will be my PRI. How did your PRI go? Any advice?

BR Jeroen
I obviously don’t know the outcome, but it felt very fair.   They asked probing questions, and clearly you need to demonstrate everything in your submission is true (which it was in my case).   On that basis, it was easy to talk to.

We covered all areas of the EC requirements (A-E), but it was two way, professional and at no point felt like an interrogation. 

Best wishes with yours. 


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