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Technical Presentation for C. Eng
May I request you to share your experience and please advise for final technical presentation/interview  for C. Eng?
I have very specific queries
1. How many PPT slide it should be. any range?  
2  Should I explain in brief about my current job profile including brief of the projects with which I am currently involved.
3. All the 17 attributes should be in order in PPT slides?
4. Should I explain only one particular engineering solution to cover up all 17 or 5 major attributes or I can explain all of my activities or responsibilities as and where applicable against the C Eng attributes.
5. May I add any short video file duration of 2 to 3 minutes in my presentation to introduce my job profile?
6. Should I keep ready all the soft copy of supporting documents like training certificates, appreciation certificates and letters, evidence of engineering details for innovative solution?

With best regards
Tushar  Kanti  Mondal
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Hi Tushar,
Most of the answers to your questions are in the guidance available at https://www.theiet.org/career/professional-registration/getting-help-with-your-application/your-professional-review-interview/ (download the guidance notes for the list of answers) which states things like 'no more than five slides'. I would not recommend a video as the interviewers are interested in how you present things, not in whether you can get a video to run (see point 4.6 of the guidance), though there is nothing to say you can't present a video.
With regard to the last question, it is certainly worth having copies of supporting documents to hand, but I would recommend keeping them to one side unless there is a need to bring them out to answer a particular query from the interviewers.
Once you have read through the guidance, I would suggest coming back here with any further queries you might have.
Andy Millar 33788107
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Absolutely agree with Alasdair's answer, and remember what the point of the presentation is - it's to give you the opportunity to remove any last doubt that you meet the competences. Yes, you could show a project you were involved with, and that project could be big and complex and flashy and expensive, but none of that matters - the point is to explain exactly what you did and how you did it.

Because the interview panel are engineers, photos in your presentation of some really interesting engineering which you did (or bringing the real thing in with you if you can!) is good. But a video is just using up time when you could be talking - and, even better, having a conversation.

That all said, please make your presentation interesting. Remember the assessors already have your application, they don't need you to read it out again to them, that would be really boring for them. Find a nice project you know you'll enjoy talking about - just make sure it shows that you've had to use a mix of all the competences.

Similarly I've known recent graduates bring videos to a job interview. I wish they wouldn't, the whole point of an interview is that it's a chance for a two-way discussion. Unless of course you're applying for a job as a video maker...

Good luck,

May I have guidance from any PE who is working or worked as Workshop Manager or PNM ( Plant and Machinery) Manager or as an engineer in same position in construction industry.
I want to discuss in details about the PRI presentation and evidence for innovative and creative solutions.
You are most welcome to advise which area or topic I should emphasize.

T K Mondal
Appreciate your reply.
Thank you Andy for your valuable reply

It doesn't really matter what field you are working in the advice is about the same. The purpose of the presentation is to give the interviewers the opportunity to see what you do and how you do it. They will always have questions - that is their job - to ensure you meet the 17 competences as set out in the UK Spec 3rd Ed, check out the matrix at the back, it is a good guide. They will have been selected (where ever possible) from your own background so they should understand what you talking about. Avoid using too many acronyms. Pictures and diagrams are always good, too many words tends to get boring.

The subject should be something that you know upside down and back to front and if possible cover the 5 competence in categories A&B as best you can. If you can show any of the "Cs" all the better. Your style and manner will cover, in part, the "Ds" and the "Es" will be picked up with further questions. Get a colleague who is familiar with your subject to quiz you - no holds barred - and you may find you'll want to adjust certain elements.

Don't repeat your education and career details the interviewers will have read your application in depth. Keep to the number of slides recommended and I suggest that you don't use a video - it's an interview not a video show - it is difficult to halt a video to ask questions. One suggestion, avoid starting any element with "We" it is about you so start with "I". Try and be relaxed - it's not supposed to a pressure situation and good luck.

Regards Jim W

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