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CEng application and how to contact PRA
Nancy 11001215553
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Hi All, 
I'm new to this community, I would like to process my application for CEng, I'm an Eembedded software engineer with 13 years of experience, and Working as a  Project Manager at present. I have started my application on Career Manager, but unfortunately since i'm not the member of the IET, it doesn't have an option for CPD(which i got to know, when i contacted them on phone yesterday). Do I need to be a member of IET to get any sort of help like PRA, since i could see the fee is 170£ to get MIET and then 235£ for Qualified and registered Fellow. I don't understand how the membership works, would we end up paying both if the application is successful??
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Unfortunately there is no way round it. You can only apply for CEng through a Professional Engineering Institute (PEI) of which you are a member. If you want to apply for CEng then the first step is therefore to become a member of the IET (or whichever PEI you are going to apply through) and then prepare and submit your application. Now having become a member of the IET you are able to request the help of a PRA etc., which is something I would recommend. You then have the payment for your application, which is applicable whether or not you are successful, so making good use of the PRA is important.
As the Registration (CEng) is awarded by the Engineering Council (EC) through the PEI you will in subsequent years have the Membership fee plus the EC registration fee to pay to the IET.
The fees are fairly clearly set out on the website provided you understand the underlying process. Once you achieve CEng the fee would be £208 as a Registered Member. Fellow is a different category and subject to a separate (additional) application.
With regard to your application, I would also recommend reading past threads on this forum for useful advice. This does not replace a PRA who can tailor his/her advice to your specific situation, but will give you a better understanding to get started.
Very best wishes for your future success.
Kathryn Bain 97869023
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Hi Nancy,

You can start to prepare your application, but as Alasdair has said you can't submit this until you have paid membership fees and become a member (even if you join as an associate at this stage you'll need to pay a fee) and then you'll pay the one off admin fee for the processing of the application.  If you're awarded registration, then the Engineering Council fees you pay to the IET are passed to the Engineering Council to maintain your registration with them.  You'll also need to do CPD as a member and a registrant, but any CPD that you are doing now as informal learning can still count as long as you're working in engineering or technology then all your learning still counts as CPD for you application.

If you get stuck or need any informal help with the process, then drop me an e-mail at: profdev@theiet.org and I'll be happy to help.

Kind REgards,


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