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Adding supporter after submitting
I submitted the application today and a third supporter as fate would have it, finally attempted to fill out the IET reference. Is it possible to add a third supporter after submitting the Ceng application? 
Will the lack of the third supporter negatively impact the submission?
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As I understand the rules you can manage to go with just one supporter providing they are in a senior position to yourself. Two is good but at least one has to be senior. Three is a luxury but I’m not sure how you add this after submission. Try and contact the Registration team they will tell you.

Regards Jim W
Kathryn Bain
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As long as one of your two existing supporters is your line manager or is senior to you, this will be fine and you won't need the third supporter.  As one is the minimum and two are preferred,  I agree with Jim that this should be sufficient.


I am not sure that either of the two previous responses actually answers the question, but rather just say you don't need a third supporter so don't worry about it. I suspect that once the application is in the system it is too difficult to add a further supporter so I would say just go with that advice, unless you really feel that the third supporter is going to make a difference in the application success. If the latter is the case then I would suggest you get in touch with registration support (profreg@theiet.org?) and ask them directly.
Hi Alasdair

Thank you, particularly for addressing my second question. While many people told me not to worry, I often find that the easy way is not always the best. For anyone else wondering, they were able to kick back the application upon asking, but your supporters may need to resubmit. Worth the hassle? Ask Murphy.
Alex Barrett
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What if nobody is senior to you? Not everyone works in a management tree.

On the basis that you are either a sole trader, working for yourself or top dog in your own company, I suggest that you may have a client or a colleague company with someone who understand the service(s) you are providing who could give you the required reference which is what verification is; although they must be able to comment in the sections set out in the format. In this situation you probably already have similar such references when looking for new work, they would just have to be prepared to complete the proforma.

regards Jim W
Alex Barrett
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In my case, supporters were long-standing colleagues in similar small enterprises, and fellow volunteers in my local network. I asked the question to widen the focus of the discussion.


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