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Registration for IEng
Viral Kaka 11001214441
Joined 14/02/2020 - 3 Posts
Hi all,

I am working as Electrical Design Engineer having working experience of 10 years and  holding Bachelors degree.in electrical engineering.
Can somebody let me know whether i can apply for CEng ?? If not then how to start preparation for IEng?
and if i am having IEng can i achieve CEng in future?
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Viral Kaka 11001214441
Joined 14/02/2020 - 3 Posts
Hi Andy,

Thank you for your response.
It would be greatly appreciated if you can help some what further in this matter.
I have tried to contact local PRA and still awaiting her response.

Stay safe
Andy Millar 33788107
Joined 28/05/2002 - 1668 Posts

I don't think anyone's quite answered the question of how to find a PRA with experience in the relevant industry. In normal times I'd say this might be less important than finding a local PRA who you can meet up with physically if needed, but actually in these current times that's not practical in most countries anyway!! 

My best advice would be still to contact a local PRA, mostly the advice needed is not industry specific so we can all help, and for the remaining few (borderline) cases where it does need knowledge of how similar candidates have succeeded probably most of us will have some ideas of other PRAs we can recommend who may have closer industry experience to yours.



Roy K Stones 1100146705
Joined 31/05/2013 - 2 Posts
Hi Viral.
Yes you can. Take a look at pg38 in UK SPEC 3rd Ed (free download from the Engineering Council) You will see the three levels of professional registration and the requirements needed to satisfy the competences. In your case if you compare between IEng and CEng you should quickly be able to realise what gaps, if any, you might need to address. You can then complete a draft application accordingly in career manager  and request support from a PRA. In terms of starting your prep use career manager and select from the quick launch tool on the right hand side of the page "IPD" and work through that. Regards IEng and applying for CEng later the answer is yes. The fundamental requirement to achieve professional registration is adequate demonstration that you meet the competences  A-E as defined in UKSPEC. 
Kathryn Bain 97869023
Joined 09/01/2007 - 355 Posts
If you are uncertain then one way to gain a better understanding is using the self-assessment tool in Career Manager.  This will allow you to assess yourself against the required competences for UK-SPEC and allow you to identify where you already have the skill and where you still need to develop.  You can find Career Manager online at: www.theiet.org/career-manager and there is a video tutorial on how the self-assessment tool works at: https://tv.theiet.org/?videoid=11567

We also have regular weekly webinars available for members and prospective members to explain the process for competence assessment, development and applying for professional registration.  These are scheduled on a weekly basis and accessible via: https://www.theiet.org/career/professional-registration/getting-help-with-your-application/professional-registration-webinars/Professional registration webinars run every Wednesday at 1pm and Initial Professional Development webinars run every Friday at 1pm.

As Alasdair and James have both said, a PRA is also a great option to help you - I would recommend spending a bit of time expanding on your career history - either in a draft application or a detailed Career Summary as the PRA will be able to provide more support if they have some background details and information about the projects and programmes that you have been involved with.

I hope this helps,

James Walker 62455
Joined 14/01/2008 - 21 Posts

Try the membership team at the IET they have the register of Volunteers - PRAs etc. The PRA doesn't have to be at the same registration level you are looking for we know what is required - it is set out in the UK Spec. 

Of course you can apply for CEng when you can demonstrate the Competences required. This is an age old argument IEng is not inferior to CEng we are just different; although many regard IEng as a stepping stone to CEng that isn't necessarily the case. Remember the peer review involves around 8 volunteers to assess, interview and ratify all applications. It is rare for anything to go a miss and every effort is made to ensure you are given the opportunity to demonstrate the required Competences for the registration you are after.

Regards Jim W
Viral Kaka 11001214441
Joined 14/02/2020 - 3 Posts
Hello James,

Good Morning..

I am holding 10 years of experience in medium voltage switchgear segment. So is there any way where i can find PRA holding CEng within relevant industry?

Also am i eligible for CEng after IEng?

James Walker 62455
Joined 14/01/2008 - 21 Posts

As Alasdair says the most important thing is to get a PRA with Building Services experience to give you advice with your application.

I always recommend that every paragraph starts with "I" and doing it it is better than being responsible for it especially in Competences A&B. Don't forget CPD, your DAP and getting your presentation ready. There is a lot to do and the best guide is found in the matrix at the back of the U.K. Spec available on both the IET and EC web sites.

Good Luck - regards Jim W
Alasdair Anderson 11001195585
Joined 02/02/2017 - 951 Posts
The simple answer is yes, you can apply for IEng. There is nothing to stop anyone from applying for IEng (even those who will be rejected out of hand) and with a relevant Bachelors degree and ten years of experience I would actually suggest you should have applied some years ago.
As a first step, look at the IET website and get the information from the "Professional Registration" area on what you need to do. A common piece of advice which I will repeat is get in touch with a Professional Registration Adviser (PRA) to help guide you through the process - there is a page within the ProfReg area to make the request.
If you achieve IEng then you can certainly start thinking about CEng, but if you have a PRA to help with your IEng application, he/she will be able to give further advice there, having a good knowledge of your experience and competences for IEng.

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