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CEng Registration - Accountability Diagram

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CEng Registration - Accountability Diagram

Posted by MichaelBlack1802 on Jan 6, 2020 8:01 am


I am currently in the process of generating the supporting documents for the CEng application. In the accountability diagram I have shown those above and below me in the hierarchy and their qualifications. Should I also show some of those who are directly alongside me? I was under the impression that this would give the assessors an understanding of my peers, in particular whether or not any of them have become Chartered (albeit some have chosen not to apply out of personal preference). If I just show those above and below me as the description on the IET guidance states, then this gives them no further understanding?

Also, I feel as though the hierarchy only shows management structure. Whereas there are many people within a team of the same "level" who take on varying levels of engineering leadership responsibility. With that said, I guess we shouldn't worry about the content of this diagram too much?

Any help/advice appreciated.


Re: CEng Registration - Accountability Diagram

Posted by Kathryn Bain on Jan 6, 2020 10:21 am


I would recommend adding any colleagues at the same level as you that you work closely with to complete your accountability diagram and also any that are not immediate direct reports below you that you may not have direct line management for, but that you may have directed or mentored (should this be relevant).  You have identified correctly in your post that the accountability diagram should help the assessors to understand the context of your work and that any others in the hierachy that you mention, or work with should be mentioned.


Kathryn Bain, Senior Product Advisor (Initial Professional Development and Mentoring), The Institution of Engineering & Technology, (IET Staff) Any views are my own views and do not necessarily represent those of the IET


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