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Timeline for the result after attending PRI
I attended PRI in Hong Kong on 2nd Nov. I read the post from this forum and most of them said that they knew the result after 2 weeks of PRI. 

Does it mean my application failed if I didn't get the result in 2 weeks?

Any advice is much appreciated!

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2 weeks is very exceptional. Normally it is 6-8 weeks.

Once the Interview is completed a report is sent in. It goes in the pile for post panel review and just depends if a panel is almost ready or needs to be convienied. Also, a number of reports will lead to a query back to the interviewers to clarify something or other.

All of this is volunteer led. The IET staff administer but decisions are by peer engineers. So all just depends on lining up the right people

If your PRI was 2nd Nov I would expect you will hear back before Christmas
Hi Graham,

Thanks for clarification.

Have a nice day.

Unfortunately I still didn't get any news or status update about my chartered engineer application. Is there any channel (or email address) that I can try to contact in order to check the status or progress? 

It is likely that the issue is just a delay due to holidays rather than any more sinister reason, but if you want to contact the IET for information the email address to use (in your case where there is an existing application being processed) is profreg@theiet.org. (There are various contact details available at https://www.theiet.org/about/contact-us/professional-registration/ including UK phone numbers, but as you are in a very different time zone email is probably the best option)
Very best wishes for a successful outcome.


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