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Presentation and interview - CEng

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Presentation and interview - CEng

Posted by Pankaj Guleria on Nov 4, 2019 5:36 pm

Dear all,

I am looking for some advice and I wonder if anyone can help, please. My CEng application has recently successfully passed through the pre-interview stage and now I need to prepare for the presentions and of course for the interview.  I am one of those mature candidates who have been working in the Engineering domain (Railway and MOD) for over 15 years and have decided to go through the process.  I would really appreciate any suggestion about the contents fo the slides and the interview process, please.

kind regards,


Re: Presentation and interview - CEng

Posted by Andy Millar on Nov 5, 2019 8:18 pm

Hi Pank,

I can't comment on your particular presentation on an open forum - best thing is to contact a PRA https://www.theiet.org/career/professional-registration/getting-help-with-your-application/find-a-professional-registration-advisor/

But as general advice: Find an interesting project that covers as many of the UKSpec competences as possible, and which you are proud of your part of, and go and talk about it with a few well-chosen slides to illustrate it. The interview is not there to judge your PowerPoint skills*, it's to explore your application.The interview panel are likely to explore any areas of your competence to UKSpec that they think are less clear on the application - there's no point asking a question if you already know the candidate has the right answer! So just be prepared to discuss your work against any of the UK Spec competences.

And enjoy it. It's your chance to show off about a piece of work you've done well.

Of course you've already been here 😊  https://www.theiet.org/career/professional-registration/getting-help-with-your-application/your-professional-review-interview/



* Ok, not quite true, under the UKSpec communication competences they will be looking for a competent presentation. But it doesn't have to be the best presentation they've ever seen, just representative of a professional engineer.
Andy Millar CEng CMgr IET Mentor / IET PRA uk.linkedin.com/in/millarandy

Re: Presentation and interview - CEng

Posted by Pankaj Guleria on Nov 6, 2019 2:13 pm

Dear Andy,

Thank you very much for your advice, this is very much appreciated.

kind regards,


Re: Presentation and interview - CEng

Posted by Graham Prebble on Nov 28, 2019 1:23 pm

Clearest advise is 4-6 slides:

Brief context intro (company, technical area etc)
What was the problem ?
What did YOU do ?
What Happened ?
What did you learn ?

If you think about it, areas such as planning, budgets, people management, communications, Ethics, Safety etc all can hang from it ..... a nice clear bounder project (preferably not you a tiny nut in a big cog). If you have props to take, we like that at interview.

You get asked if you will take questions in which case the 15 min limit goes out the window and the interviewers just manage the time. It is your right not to be interrupted but just remember if you shoot off at a tack that does not answer the competence areas, you then have 40 mins or so left ! .... relax and enjoy it - there are no trick questions and only 3 engineers in a room having a chat about your achievements.
Eur Ing Graham Prebble BSc MBA CEng IET Volunteer PRA, Assessor and Interviewer


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