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Competance and providing evidence
I'm currently putting together my application for Engtech. I summited a draft application which the PRA read. He suggested filling in the self assessment section. My question is when it says evidence do I just write my response or do I need to send in actual evidence for example letters, PowerPoint ect.
secondly is it ok to as the PRA to re read once I have done the above or is it not necessary.
Thank you
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Think of it as evidence in a trial given by a witness - what you should do is describe what you have done that was an example of meeting the competence(s) and the assessors (the jury) will examine the 'evidence' and reach a verdict. For instance, for evidence of communication you would not just state your abilities but you might give an example that you gave a health and safety induction to new starters. This would be a strong indication that you are able to communicate effectively (D) and also that you are familiar with safe systems of work (E). While such an induction might have a power point presentation, though this would probably not be wanted by the assessors as it is what was said which is important, not what was on a screen. However you could provide a note to say the PPT could be provided on request if you felt it necessary.
There are some instances where independent evidence may needed, such as for qualifications and perhaps major training courses (those which can be passed or failed) but this should be made clear in the application guidance notes.
It is certainly fine to ask the PRA to re-read it once it is completed. I would expect any PRA to be gratified to see that you have taken the advice and improved your application rather than just having a single contact and then receiving no further information on what has happened.
Kathryn Bain
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I'd echo what Alasdair said regarding explaining evidence rather than adding examples.  If you are doing the competence assessment in Career Manager, this can also be attached to your application as additional evidence should this be required (although you still need to complete the three detailed questions on the application form).  

Kind Regards,

Thank you Alasdair that's really helped, that's a good way of describing the procces . I have written it giving examples with my thoughts. I will ask the PRA to have another look at this part.
Thank you both for your help.


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