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Cheong Tsoi
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I was AMIEE in 1995, and a CEng MIEE in 2002. I have a HND in 1992, a BEng in 1995, and an MBA in 2004. I have 26+ years of engineering experience. Am I qualified to apply for FIET. I am only a manager in a small company. I do not held senior post such as director or general manager. What do you think? Any views are welcome?
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Difficult to say, as FIET is completely independent of CEng and other qualifications. You need to have a look at the web-page on Fellowship at https://www.theiet.org/membership/becoming-a-member/join-the-iet/fellow-membership/  and see if you fulfil at least two of the nine fellowship criteria. That page states:
"You’ll need to complete an application form that demonstrates that you fulfil at least two of the nine Fellowship criteria: creativity, enterprise, innovation, insight and experience, leadership, repute, responsibility, service, and influence and contribution"
Being a manager in a small company may help to meet the leadership or responsibility (or both) criteria, but you also need to have been doing it for five years.
Mark Curtis
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As Alasdair suggests, its difficult to say. My recommendation would be to view the criteria, download and complete the form and see how well you can evidence your experience. The form is not onerous and you only have to complete two of the criteria (max 300 words each I think). When I made my application for Fellowship, I completed several criteria and then selected the two that I felt met the criteria the strongest and most complete. I also sought the advice of a Fellowship Adviser before committing my final application.
Cheong Tsoi
312 Posts
The greatest obstacle is people around me has no FIET as supporters. How can I find FIET to be my supporters? For FIET application, it is required two FIET supporters. I find it difficult, so it stop me to think further to become a FIET.
Perhaps. I would suggest that you reach out to a Fellowship PRA - you can contact them from here (https://www2.theiet.org/membership/profreg/find-advisor/searchadvisor.cfm) by selecting Fellowship. You'll need to satisfy 2 or 3 of the criteria. In my case I opted for Insight and Experience, Responsibility and Influence and Contribution as a third. Your PRA can act as the FIET sponsor, leaving your manager, or someone who know's your work and personal situation well as the other.

Andy Millar
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I'd absolutely second the advice about talking to a Fellowship PRA. It's quite different from UKSpec professional registration which has fairly clear criteria. However, a good Fellowship PRA will help you see how what you've done fits or doesn't fit the criteria - including stuff that you might not think is at all relevant.

The management position question can be an interesting one: when I was looking at applying I felt it was an issue that part of my application was based on a period when I was a rather senior manager in our division, but because it was in a large multinational I was actually a long way (something like six levels of management) from the top. I suspect this is quite a common position for potential applicants. A PRA (thanks Sue if you're reading this!) can be a huge help in helping you step back and look at that and then put your actual influence on your sector of the industry through your part of the organisation across well in your application. I'd be interested to hear comments from successful applicants from this type of position since I never put this advice to the test.  

And it certainly seems to be the case that finding supporting Fellows will not be a problem, both your FPRA and the IET registration team will help.

Caveat on all the above advice, obviously I'm not a Fellow, never having actually applied, but I've spent a reasonable amount of time over the last couple of years looking at the process in a lot of detail both for myself and for others (I get very interested in this type of stuff). And the main thing I've found is ask for help and you'll find people will give it. Then make sure you actually get around to filling the forms in and submitting them straight away I cannot emphasise that last part enough! 🙂

Good luck,



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