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Changes to the Professional Registration Matters Forum
Lisa Miles
1249 Posts
Hi All

We’ve made a small change to the way this Professional Registration Matters Forum category is organised.

We’ve changed the forum category type so you’ll now see the ‘New Question’ topic status in the top right of any topics within this category and you’ll also see some new nomenclature for ‘liking’ the posts and replies too. The topic starter (or original post) will now remain at the top of the page you’re viewing and above the list of replies regardless of which page of replies you’re reading. 

If you’re a topic Author, you now have the ability to mark your own questions in this category as ‘Answered’ as well as select a ‘Best Answer’ from any replies given too. Please note: only one reply can be marked as the Best Answer, the reply will move to the top of the list of replies and selecting a Best Answer will also change the overall topic status to ‘Answered’. 

So if you’ve previously asked a question within this category, don’t forget to go back to the topics you’ve started and mark your questions as answered and/or select the Best Answer (if applicable). You’ll be awarded some extra activity points for doing so too… wink


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