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CEng award

Hello all
Just wanted to share that I have been awarded my CEng.

The whole process (Career Manager, Open Question and Interview) have been pretty straightforward.

It took approximately 5 months but most of the time was completing and finalising my Career Manager (had to do it in my spare time!)

I strongly encourage young professionals to do their application and get accredited.

The IET is the Professional Home for Life for all Engineers.

Let me know if you have any questions on the subject as everything is fresh in my mind.

Thank you

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Mark Curtis
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Congratulations Alkis.
David Leng
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Nice one Alkis!
Well done Alkis, your badge idea seems a good one,
i just started my journey to professional registration 
i am a long way away from that after 4 years of professional career i decided to Join MIET

do update detail how the 5 months went, i want to know whats at the end of the road
Congrats Alkis!
Could you please let me know how long you had to wait between submission of application to interview, and from interview to hearing that you were successful? Would be much appreciated!
Good morning Nimo

Please see below:

Final CEng application submission: 17/08/17

Email confirming interview: 04/10/17

Interview: 28/03/18

CEng award: 16/04/18

Hope it helps

Location plays a part in how long you have to wait for an interview. I note that you are part of the Somerset and West Wiltshire local area but I think that Alkis is in Cyprus. A colleague of mine who is based in Bristol submitted his application last summer (it looks to have been this time last year) and had his interview in November with CEng granted in December. However there were a couple of months of delay as I responded to my request for verification as one of his supporters within a day or two, but the second supporter had to be chased repeatedly and did not complete his verification for about two months. As the colleague had submitted the application through Career Manager this was obvious to him and he was able to chase, but if it had been a paper copy I don't know that the same lack of response would have been evident.
I'm given to believe there are a number of factors in how long the process can take. 
I'm UK-based and just waiting for one more verification on my application before I submit, so I can't yet comment on the timing from personal experience, but geography could obviously be a factor. I'm told by my PRA that the particular discipline you specialise in also affects this - as the interviewers are drawn from a (much appreciated) network of volunteers, finding interviewers with appropriate knowledge of your field can take longer in some cases than others.

Congratulations Alkis.

I'm from India and having Electrical Engineering back ground. I am wating for the interview from Jan-18 and still the dates are not schedule.

Well done Alkis,

I hope my application process is as straight forwards as yours was.
Nice to hear!
I have just completed my IEng and preparing for my CEng. Any advise for CEng application is welcome.
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Congratulations! Can I have a private chat with you on presentation please?


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