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Voltex claims!

Hello all

I saw this advert recently and could hardly believe what the company is claiming? That this plug in device will correct the waveform and in some way (which the company fails to explain) will result in the use of less power? 

Are there any community members here who know more about the subject and can suggest if or how a saving can be achieved in this way or if it's at all possible? 

They claim that “Voltex’s patented technology provides your home with a smooth, stable electrical current that leads to an increase in efficiency, reduction in dirty electricity, less wasted power, and dramatically lower energy bills.”

Stop Wasting Money on Dirty, Unstable Electricity

Stabilize Your Current, Remove Dirty Electricity, Slash Your Power Bill Today!








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Sad (indeed almost shocking) that some folks are still fooled by these ads. Then again, maybe they contain some of those unobtanium ceramic inductors I need to fix my life….

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Eric Firth
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This is an advert for a product that makes groundless and spurious claims; unless somebody is prepared to present a reasoned argument otherwise. 
Dan C
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Snake oil!

Lisa Miles
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Is this the same as those funny little stickers that you can stick to your electronics and are allegedly supposed to block EMF? 😂

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When you crack one open there is a capacitor inside if you are lucky.


(big clive cuts a few models open )

(and a really useless one..)

The claims to save money are an example of pure unadulterated lying. 

But perhaps most consumers are too uneducated to realize, and greedy so get exactly what they deserve. More worrying is the low level of tech understanding of the advertising standards folks who really ought to be over this sort of nonsense like a rash.



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