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Private wire from a wind turbine

Hi, does anyone have any information on bringing a private wire from an adjacent wind turbine owned by a national company, 2 no 2.5MVA wind turbines, I'm looking for information as it does not seem very straight forward

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Simon Barker
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Do they know you are trying to tap into their wind turbines?

I'm in trouble if they don't 
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Looks like wind turbines of that size are outputting 690V, presume RMS 3 phase. It's going to be non-trivial to step that down to your local LV voltage (230V or 110V depending on where in the world you are?). You could use a large toroidal transformer I guess…. good luck!

are you looking to piggy back from the wind farm to some adjacent small load (eg house or farm)?

I'm in trouble if they don't know

Yes David we are looking to take tye excess they don't use at a rate and have it imported into our new 11kv network which will serve new industrial and commercial units 

thanks, Chris

that's a little larger than what I'd assumed, but the principles remain

the main safety issue is to avoid a parallel across the outside DNO network. the simplest solution is to have a single connection with the outside world, so that either the industrial estate piggy backs on the existing wind farm connection, or you create a new connection for the industrial estate, and transfer the wind farm onto that. either way, you'll be running a private 11kV network around the estate, so I assume that you are (or have access to somebody who is) competent to manage such a system. I strongly advise against having a private wire between two premises which are each connected to the outside DNO network - I've seen houses on fire because of similar unintended connections, because the fault current doesn't go where you expect it to

if you'd prefer your friendly neighbourhood DNO to own and operate the 11kV system around the industrial estate, which is the solution I recommend, then I don't think that a private wire is the solution. instead, you're into a commercial debate about whether you can wheel energy from the wind farm the short distance to your estate. I used to know about this stuff, but I'm well out of date now, so I think that your best bet is a chat with your friendly neighbourhood DNO. where is this project?


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Hi Chris,

As David suggests having either the wind farm as the owner of the point of supply and your estate as a tenant, or vice-versa, is technically the simplest arrangement though does carry commercial risks to one or both parties. You will likely not be allowed by the DNO to operate two supply points in parallel within your network and at HV measures would be needed to be applied to enforce this separation. Having your main supply via the wind farm and retaining a fully-rated, normally-open supply point from the DNO to insure against supplier failure might be possible, as might be other configurations depending on what everyone's equipment / networks look like.

Alternatively there are virtual “sleeved” arrangements where you procure energy directly from the wind turbine via a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). You do then pay DNO charges for use of their network.

I have sent you a PM with contact details in case you wish to explore physical connections further.

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Hi Chris 

I think I would be looking for some sort of buffer  for this , ie a battery ??? , surely any direct connection to a on ordinary distribution board , is highly problematic and dangerous ??


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