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In November we discussed the possibility of developing a micro-mini electric vehicle EV that could carry 2 people for just 30 miles around the city without polluting the air and be recharged overnight.
Tesla, Nissan Leaf, BMW Rex, and other expensive hybrids were all mentioned but contained huge batteries and weighed in at over one ton with advanced unnecessarily complicated electronics making them  luxury vehicles.
What most people want is an economical little town car that does not need special charging points.  Renault Ami could be near the mark but needs a lot of tidying up and anyway some Chinese cars are well ahead in micro-mini design but few that meet our traffic regulations yet.
However, the Chinese have in production the Evolve motorcycle unit that has a 19kW permanent magnet brushless motor with 10kWh Lithium ion battery/inverter control module.   https://www.evokemotorcycles.com/urban-classic       
This is exactly what is required to power a city EV car which would only weigh around 500 kg, is air cooled, no gearbox [ only a reverse switch] and automatic brake regeneration according to the urban classic specification.
We could charge the EV at home on off-peak tariff or possibly by solar on sunny days!.  If you want to go on the motorway then you may need to invest in a 15kW petrol generator which could slide into the flat boot of the car and have a roof rack for other luggage.
This would avoid having to waste time looking for charging points at overcrowded service stations on route.
Why can't we build a micro-mini car here in England in Coventry or Birmingham where there is plenty of expertise and un-employed people waiting to be apprenticed???
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Simon Barker
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Nitpick: It's a Citroen Ami.  Renault make the Twizy.

In future, when we have towns full of charging points, having a vehicle with only a 3-pin plug on it could be more of a disadvantage than an advantage.  Having a charging port as well would be a significant improvement.
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Shades of the 1960's Bubble cars!



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