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How can local authorities play a role in helping train and equip people with the skills their region needs?
Jobs will be impacted by the rapid growth of new technologies transforming manual processes and generating new ones that derive economic growth. Industry and government need to adapt to the changing nature of work by focusing on training people for the jobs of tomorrow.

We published a guide, Addressing the STEM skills shortage challenge, to help local authorities facilitate regional skills demand and supply. To deliver solutions that address the UK's skills gap and diversity issues, we've made a variety of recommendations for local authorities and central government.

Read our guide, let us know your thoughts and ask any questions below by logging in to your IET Community account. 

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If you are asking about the local authorities instead off Government or branded, then I wanna say a simple sentence that I'm also a skillful person in COmputer science from a local Authorities, No doubt the name of local authorities does not find sometimes on Internet but they put some useful skill in you. Really Miss that Institutes also.
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I'm really not sure how best to follow that literary masterpiece. Perhaps I won't, other than to point out to the author, that you can edit a post by clicking onto the 3 dots menu to the upper right that appears by all your own posts when logged in.
However, local education authorities have a role, in terms of deciding how many schools and how they are funded, but the targets they are trying to meet are centrally set.
The first question is do we have a skills gap in science and engineering ?
It strikes me we do not have enough jobs for number of the science and engineering graduates we produce already, as they tend to get diverted away from proper work into management where the technical training and knowledge is largely wasted. In that case you cannot honestly pretend to offer rewarding  careers in science and engineering unless the careers are there.
If the roles were there and unfilled, we would do as say  the NHS does,  and arrange visas to employ folk from abroad.
Maybe the gap we have is one of expectation - and what are desired are really just cheaper engineers and scientists - now of any calibre at all, they do not exist.



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