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Behavioural Science in Transport - have we run out of carrots or is it time for big sticks?
Over the past year we’ve seen how user behaviour has impacted on travel across all modes of transport.  Some see this as an opportunity to “reset” and to introduce new technology and change services to help meet future safety and environmental goals.  Yes, it’s partly an issue of technology and investment but making these changes also depends strongly on user acceptance and behaviour which are the subject on the 18-19 May 2021 of the IET’s two Behavioural Science webinars.  

The first focuses specifically on passenger vehicles and with a safety & environmental theme.  Concerning safety, we know that the so-called “fatal 5” have large behavioural components but we can’t just enforce drivers into compliance so how do we get behavioural buy-in?  What about Electric Vehicles? Battery Electrics and hybrids now comprise about 1 in 10 of new vehicle registrations but, clearly, many more drivers need to be persuaded. What are the issues? And then, Autonomous Vehicles – what are the behavioural and acceptance issues with these?

The second seminar takes a broader perspective on transport behaviour.  We know that around 30% of UK’s CO2 emissions come from Transport and that the Government is to make legal commitments to cut emissions. So, how will our behaviour need to change?  Prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic it’s already changed, but is this permanent?  Can users be nudged into more sustainable travel choices or is the Climate Emergency so profound that we’re running out of carrots and the time for big sticks has come?

If you have any questions for our speakers, please pose them here and we’ll get to as many as possible during the moderated discussion following their presentations.



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