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Bitumen tape may contain asbestos
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I had a fuse board fitted and an EIC issued, all fine and signed off properly. My flat has gone on sale 5 months later and the potential buyer has had a RICS survey done which flagged the potential for asbestos. The buyer also had an EICR done which passed.

The buyer is worried about the comments the surveyor made. Is this dangerous and should it be removed? What would be the best course of action for me to take?

I have attached a photo.

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Hard to see but is that the cable to the company fuse in the meter box above ? Can you show the termination ?
If so the cable is likely served with tar impregnated hemp or jute, and it is not yours anyway , it belongs to the local Network Operator, though they will not care if the cloth is peeled off or the cable is boxed in
If it is a water pipe however it may be lagged in something nasty and look much the same.
When was the place built , that may also influence the decision.
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Hello, try posting on the I.E.T.s Wiring  and Regulations forum. A local old house had asbestos on a wall. A team of experts arrived in many vans. They has hasmat suits on and breathing apparatus. The area was cordoned off and a one way system introduced for pedestrians in the area.

An area of the house that contained asbestos had it "encapsulated". Upon investigation I discovered that a wall  had just been painted over to keep the asbestos  tightly trapped.

You could do the same. Nobody is likely to drill or saw the electrical cable.

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If the unclear picture shows an electrical cable that ends at the main fuse cutout it may be a P.I.L.C. mains supply cable,. (Paper Insulated Lead Covered). Have a look at images online to see if it is. There will be no asbestos there if it is a P.I.L.C. cable.

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Hi I know 7 days have passed but thought I'd chip in. It is completely possible that this contains asbestos. As to its danger, if it is asbestos it is coated in bitumen then also painted. Unless someone is planning on cutting it this material would pose no risk. As someone else has stated, that cable is the property of the supplier so is their responsibility.
There is no legal obligation on you to remove it if is asbestos, and testing it is a pain as most surveying companies will not touch that cable due to it being live and also not the homeowners property.
Unfortanaulty a lot of building surveyors presume asbestos in everything these days leaving you with a report like this which just slows down a house sale for no reasonable reason.


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