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Questions about the Code for Construction Product Information

The Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI) is currently under consultation and will have a huge effect on how construction products are marketed in the UK. It has implications for manufacturers and specifiers alike, including marketers, PRs, technical and salespeople working in the construction product sector. 
The Plain Language Guide Editorial Board is compiling a response to the consultation on behalf of the IET.
We hosted a call on the code consultation on 26th February. You can watch the video of that call here. 
Following the call we have compiled a list of all the questions and statements raised during and since the call and reproduce them below.
This list has been shared with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Marketing Integrity Group (responsible for the Code) to help them in the consultation process.
Here are the questions. We would be interested in your comments.
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The point that is obviously missing is when this is ignored, much as CE marking and UKCA are mostly ignored, (print your own CE mark, and see how many folk ask to see the TCF ... none in a decade) who if anyone will pay to police it ? You can have any penalty you like, but unless someone actually chases it, it is so much hot air.

If nobody is paying in, then it is another  tax on the good guys and a reward for  the corner cutters that allows them to win work and sell stuff at lower cost, as they will not be investing the man weeks required  arranging certification each time there is a new design.

Will there be a new dept like the HSE or trading standards to do this admin -building control have no time or budget for it ?



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