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Professional Registration for Engineers from Mining Based Australian Economy
Dear Sir, 

Please could you re-iterate what benefit I might obtain from a Professional Registration in Australia?

The last thing I want is by doing Professional Registration, I cannot undertake my Australian obligations, whilst at the same time be flooded by alternative or illegal procedures and fundings from places like the EU!

Australia is a Natural Resource based economy, and EU is against Natural Resources, which raises this concern of being Professionally registered with you, as you may take the interests of EU over that of Australia when it comes to a conflict of interest, and thereby, such Registration could not ensure the safety of Natural Resource based Engineering in Australia, when any such inherited policies are against such Natural Resource mining etc., becoming oblivious or high-risk especially in the mining engineering sector. 

If UK tends towards EU policies, the engineering developments at the IET, could not ensure the safety of Australian Miners and the Mining industry, and I would fail in my personal obligations as an Engineer in Australia - that I cannot do as an Australian Professional Engineer. 

Dependent on this, I will decide my registration, and hopefully you would be financially in the position to refund the fees paid, if I should be unable to progress due to significant such risks from UK policies that I may inherit by such registrations. 

Thank you. 

Syamantak Saha
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Simon Barker
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Refund of registration fees?  Is that a pig I see flying past?  You have no chance of getting any fees refunded once you have paid them.  Your option is not to renew again next year.

If you want to join the IET, you can.  It's rules of professional conduct aren't particularly related to the laws of any given country; they say nothing about what industry you should work in. https://www.theiet.org/about/governance/rules-of-conduct/
Andy Millar
1763 Posts
The IET is not there to protect any industry. It is not a trade union or trade association. It is there to facilitate the professionalism of engineers working in any industry. 




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