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I have been asked to test the board below and was wondering if anybody knows what the legal requirements are for testing, such as period of testing, and also the procedures.

Any advice welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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Legally, at least in England no legal requirement at all, like PAT, you need to be sure things are safe, you do not necessarily need to test them. (you may have skilled users, or some other maintenance regime)
However, back in a realistic world.
Is it ever moved,  and what sort of people use it ?-
If it gets a a lot of rough use by unskilled hands or is remotely portable (!) then users need to know who to report odd behaviour to, and a retest period that again depends on the above, it could be anything from every time it is used,  to 5 years or more.
What to look for
Reliable earthing to all outlets.
If it has not been seen before, polarity and phase sequence to all outlets.
Open and sniff for burning, give anything that could work loose a wiggle.
Look inside for anything more complex than switching, surge arestors, isolation transformers etc that may make testing tricky.
With the power off, insulatation L+L+L+N in parallel to E.

Is RCD protection required, is it upstream.

May be worth reposting in the electrics/wiring part of the forum, or better reporting yourself and asking the mods to move it - there are more electrical folks there, and you may get more focussed advice from folk who have seen that type before..

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What do all the indicators / buttons do?

Andy B.
Chris Pearson
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Dark blue rather than khaki, but testing requirements are likely to be in some form of SOPs. Mike knows about that sort of thing. 🙂
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Perhaps, but I've not seen a power distribution unit quite that one before, and I'm not too sure what's in it -  hence the advice to post it here. There seem to be 10 socket outputs each associated with a cluster of indicators and some controls, but quite what they do is unclear.

Chris Pearson
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I was referring to HMS Gannet. I feel sure that there will be some form of standing operating procedures. MOD likes SOPs!
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According to Wikipedia, "HMS Gannet (stone frigate) was a Fleet Air Arm station established in 1971 at RNAS Prestwick in Ayrshire The unit closed on 5 February 2016"
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(which is to say that the FAA station within RNAS Prestwick was closed, not RNAS Prestwick  itself)
You know what the Mod are like, never like to close anything totally.


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