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Degree pathway
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Hello all,

I am currently working through my bachelor's of engineering degree and in the coming months will have to choose a pathway to focus on. The pathway I am interested in taking is electrical, as I want my career to progress into the electrical sectors of engineering. 

My issue is that my current position is a CNC programmer/setter for large gear machining. I'm concerned that all though by the end of my degree, I will have 7+ years of machining knowledge. I won't have a great background of electronics knowledge apart from what's covered in the degree modules.

So should I start looking into expanding my experience within electronics, for instance courses or with my work in an engineering environment and degree qualification be enough to get into a role of electrical engineer?
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Since you haven't said which branch of Electrical Engineering you would like to enter (there are very many!), it's difficult to give you specific advice.
Given your existing background in CNC machine programming and setting, perhaps you should investigate what you would need to look for employment with a manufacturer of such machines, or with a company specializing in programming them for users.
If you want to move away from that, however, you will have to narrow down the field a bit, by looking through the IET website until you find a branch of Electrical Engineering you think you would be comfortable with. Then, you will be able to find out what you will need to learn and what experience you will have to gain, in order to become suitably qualified. You can also sign up to IET newsletters for updates on your chosen field, and join related discussion forums to find out how people deal with the everyday questions and problems that crop up.
Outside the IET, if you are connected to social media, you can follow companies which are active in that field, because they regularly post on developments and how their products are used in customers' projects, while also having a vast array of technical information and manuals, which you can read to familiarize yourself with what you're thinking of getting into.
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Thank you for taking the time to give us advice. I'll have a deeper look into which sector of electrical engineering has most appeal and work from there. 

Thanks again 


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