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Importance of Valid Definitions for Financial Purposes
Statistically valid definitions are important for the economy and all aspects of finance, including a State's Finance. If such definitions are inconsistent or in-coherent, the derived financial and economic values would be certainly inflationary or in-efficient for any engineered purposes - be it from business or a State's economic affairs.

By including 'Trauma' as a Psychosocial Disability, the New South Wales Government has created an opportunity for Money Laundering through Public Services. All citizens would experience Trauma in some stage of their lives, and it becomes a regimistic imposition by the Administration, to selectively then apply the National Disability Insurance Scheme and its associated Revenues upon certain individual citizens of NSW.

Psychosocial Disability includes severe disabilities such as Alzheimers etc., and the frivolous nature of being 'Disabled' in NSW, by virtue of any naturally occurring live event such as death or birth, that may cause trauma, would leave the State funds highly susceptible to serious fraud.

In a respectable society, becoming disabled due to frivolous nature is legally and socially unacceptable. And such values are inherent in the appropriate definitions for any such statistical and engineering purposes.




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