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PAT testing work supplied or funded equipment at home.
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Now there is much more working from home just wandering what our responsibility is regarding PAT of work supplied or funded equipment used in the home.
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Simon Barker
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Who's perspective are you asking this question from:
  • The employer?
  • The employee?
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Given there is no need to PAT things at a place of work, I imagine that extends to home. There is a legal duty to keep things safe however.
regards Mike.
I expect that there is a duty of care when using work supplied equipment, whether or not it is called PAT is something else. Also, the complication when doing work actrivities is that, technically, the domestic environment becomes a place of work therefore activities involving the use of power tools et al will most likely involve the PUWER regs.
However, the most likely homeworking activities will be the use of a laptop PC which is unlikely to incurr any overbearing health and safety requirements.
Proof of maintenance, user checks and little green lablels are probably the most obvious condition of use.


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