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Qualified or not?
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Hi all

Question is can i carry out any domestic electrical work with the following qualifications:

C&G 2330
C&G 2382-18
C&G 2392

I should have by now completed my 2391 however due to Covid things aren't currently on track.

I currently work as a multi skilled maintenance technician and have done for many years.

Do I need an NVQ before I can carry out any electrical work in a domestic environment or what is the best way forward?

Your input and advise will be much appreciated.

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I suspect that you'll also need the latest NVQ3 + AM2 practical test + a JIB Gold card to work on electrical systems across the board.
See either NICEIC and/or NAPIT to see what they require to work as a Domestic Installer.
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This very much depends what you mean by "can carry out any electrical work in a domestic environment "
You can of course do anything that is not part P notifiable, or any type of domestic work if you are employed by  someone else who is prepared to supervise the job more or less loosly and notify themselves.
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I am currently trying to get my quals at the moment and the old AM1 and AM2 still carry a lot of weight , which in some ways makes a lot of sense , its great when you get to work with the highly skilled people , and by enlarge they are happy to pass on skills and show you how to do good work. Domestic installer I think is still useful , but the highly experienced electrician offers felxibility, so even though the fully qualified electrician is hard thing to gain , I think in the end it supports the industry and keeps standards on the right track , Working safely is what we always must do. and good quality stuff to install , which helps in keeping systems reliable and easier to replace or change things .
As far as i know with those quals , you will need the NVQ , if you were an apprentice (and we shouldn't forget we were still making highly skilled people in the electrical business before the change to college quals) I think there is a special practical test under JIB which recognises this and you can qualify that way.  
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In order to gain an NVQ do I need to be working for an electrical company or is there a way I can do it on my own?
There may be some more information regarding electrical training here




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