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Neighbour's RCD trips mine!
I have discovered that when my neighbour does a trip test on his RCD mine also trips. He has recently replaced his consumer unit. The same interference between our units continues..... it was present before and  after installation of the new unit. I have consulted Western Power Distribution who attended on site but took no action other than to confirm that my neighbour and I do not share a joint on the street cable. Our houses are adjacent to each other but detached. WPD have not confirmed whether we are on the same phase. I am waiting for them to return to do some ( unspecified) tests and monitoring. They do not seem to have any idea on what the problem might be. Any ideas, please?
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I have seen this problem before  few times, but normally on the old voltage rods and on overhead lines, are your houses fed from overhead lines? Do you have a old voltage operated rcd? 
Hi, thank you for thinking about this. I am at the far  end of a cul de sac with about 20 houses in it. Supply is cable underground. I think it is fed by a pole mounted transformer about a quarter mile away. System is TNCS PME I believe. Our earth connects to supply neutral at the supply point. WPD measured the supply impedance yesterday which I understand to be normal. It seems that our underground cable is scheduled to be upgraded in case we all buy electric cars. (The cable was installed 31 years ago when the houses were built.) Hopefully the problem will go away after the upgrade, but slightly worrying as we have a freezer full of fruit!
Sorry, I only answered part of your question. RCD was installed 1989 when house was built. It is
GEC VYNCKIER 80A 30mA DP RCD RA80/2 Type D.O.J. 097/138082.030
Any further advice much appreciated!


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