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Plain Language Guide to Product Data for Manufacturers
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Manufacturers produce a significant part of the information required to bring about a safer construction industry; but this information is currently not structured or shared in a consistent way.

If industry is to meet the challenges of a digital future, avoid a race to the bottom and respond to the requirements of a new building safety regulatory system, we need manufacturers to structure and share their data safely.

The IET is supporting a project to produce a Plain Language Guide to Product Data for Manufacturers in the UK and Europe.

Whilst the guide is being produced the editorial team is also publishing a series of blog posts on the IET website to raise discussion topics amongst manufacturers, and hosting a series of zoom calls, Find out more about this project and how you can get involved here.
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Alex Barrett
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"in the UK and Europe" - sounds very natural and logical, I hope we don't lose this collaboration.
Our first article has been published - Why is Product Data Important to Manufacturers? Read the article here and let us know your views! 
Article 2 has just been published: "Standards And Construction Product Data Must Be Connected"
Read the article here and let us know your views! 

Call 2 Recording Published: Standards And Product Data Must Be Connected #ManufacturersPLG

Watch the video of the call about the second article in our series on manufacturers' product data, recorded on 25 September 2020
This video is a recording of a call to discuss the second article in the series discussing a Plain Language Guide to Product Data for Construction Product Manufacturers.

You can read the article and subscribe to further updates here:  Standards and Product Data Must Be Connected
You can watch the call at the bottom of the blog post or here directly on IET TV: 

Join the conversation on the blog, on the calls (registration link in each blog post) or via LinkedIn and Twitter using the hashtag #Manufacturers PLG.

Andy Millar
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There's a coincidence, this last post came just us I was discussing (rather seriously) exactly this issue with a manufacturer, but not in the construction industry.

Are there any plans to broaden these articles out to other industries? In my case it happened to be the rail industry but I suspect most of these issues are generalisable across many industries, particularly those with significant safety responsibility through the supply chain - and these look very useful. Is there any reason why it was decided to focus these on the construction industry?

Certainly the issue on "structured data" in the "Why is product data important..." blog is exactly what I was just discussing!


Hi Andy

Sorry for taking so long to respond to your comment.

I love it when coincidences confirm the need to something – in this case some plain language guidance for manufacturers of product for the construction sector.

Prior to joining the IET I coordinated a large EU funded FP7 projects which was successful and well received by the EU, could not deliver on products data that we needed for a whole life cycle costing model we were developing. This is not just a UK problem, but remains a problem in many countries in Europe. My role here at IET, as  Built Environment Lead, means that am responsible for thought leadership, and policy input when appropriate. Have a look at our web page https://www.theiet.org/impact-society/ 

Your mention of transport and the safety of products chimes well with the Built Environment as has been seen with Grenfell disaster and the horror story that is emerging in the enquiry. My colleagues here at the IET, Paloma Cid‍ and Alan Howard may find your comments of interest too





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