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Entry Level Electrical Engineer job in UK
Imran 11001215247
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Dear all 
Hope everyone is doing fine. I am new here in UK and have degree in electrical engineering from Pakistan with some work experience in industry for about an year. I have MIET membership as well. I wanted to ask all my respected senior here about how i can get a graduate engineer job or some work experience so i can kick start my career. I shall be very thankful if someone can guide me.
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Denis McMahon 14703551
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Hello, Imran. It sounds as though you are already well qualified. Degree, work experience (I presume as a vacation trainee), and MIET.

There are, of course, job advertisements, both on this Forum and in professional journals. But nowadays many job introductions are via other means. You would do well to register with an on-line job agency. Apart from providing you with plenty more job vacancies, this would also present your details to many companies that have unadvertised vacancies. Don't shun temporary  contracts. They can provide valuable job experience and be a valuable step towards more-permanent employment.

You could consider becoming a member of LinkedIn, the on-line networking site, specialising in professional development.

Don't overlook the help that the IET itself can give you, with mentoring, CV design and general career advice. Visit the Career and Training section of the IET website.

Good luck and keep in touch!

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