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Engineering Advice

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Engineering Advice

Posted by Joe Fares on Dec 14, 2019 11:50 pm

Hey Guys,

I have already completed half a semester of engineering, and I am enrolled in mechatronics engineering. My plan was to finish mechatronics then specialize in robotics, AI, or computer science (masters). I have questions I would like to ask, and get some answers/opinions.
  1. My main concern is that I heard from my dean in my uni, that bigger companies tend to take mechanical or electrical engineers instead of mechatronics, as they have a greater budget to spend on a more speciallized person rather than a person that knows a bit of everything. I also heard that mechatronics are usually recruited for small/start up companies? can anyone comment on this and give me your opinion?
  2. For the specialization(masters) of Robotics/AI/Computer Science, would mechatronics be the best path for these specialization? or would electical/mechanical have no issues pursuing this path? which would be the best one for this?
3)If anyone here did mechatronics or any engineering degree, have you done any specialization, if so what specialization? Was finding jobs difficult? What do you work in?

Re: Engineering Advice

Posted by Paul Marks - Oakridge Technical Solutions on Dec 18, 2019 4:48 pm

Hello Joe,

I would probably agree with point 1 - in a larger company due to differences required in departmental activity they are looking for functional specialists and you will be one or the other. I am thinking in particular of the Construction industry where there is a definite difference in the skills and further qualifications needed for Mechanical or Electrical work - in fact the difference is huge and there are different contractors for each of these disciplines. In a small startup you will need to be an all rounder as you have to do more things yourself.

For point 2 I think Mechatronics would be a good route for Robotics. AI and Computer Science are quite different from this and I think a computer science related degree in the first place would be the best foundation for those subjects.

I did a Mechanical Engineering degree, a general degree but I did do an elective Robotics module which helped get me the first job I had after Uni with a motion control company. But that was 25 years ago......

Just my opinion but hope that helps!

Regards, Paul


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