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Choosing email notifications AND Logging In

Earlier today I wanted to make changes to the email notifications that I receive from the IET. (I've been there before, but cannot find the info that I was sent as to how to, sorry!)  Anyway ISTR that I needed to log into the main IET site, but on trying received  

“SSL connection failed Error 26 2021-11-21 12:21:17 UTC”  

My IP address was shown (it is a static one) together with a Proxy IP which is a IP address to a Hosting Company in California.

Seems that something is broken. Also grateful for a reminder as to how to select wanted email notifications of posts.

Many thanks


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Hi Clive,

Thanks for the info. Is logging in still broken for you today? Were you already logged into Engineering Communities and the issue arose from trying to log into the main site?

Info for updating community email notifications can be found in our ‘Help’ section but be aware, things will be changing soon 🙂

Thanks Elizabeth.  Still broken, I'm afraid. I was already logged in to Communities when I attempted.

On main IET site, on attempting to log in, it flashes up: Please log in with SSO. then takes me to the log in page where my saved username and password (just *****) is present. Tried to log in and presented with the error.

This morning, I have logged out of Communities, no difference. Have re-keyed my password to log into main site, no difference.

I can log in to Communities with no problem - same password.



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I'm having the same problem, and other abberant behaviour, such as login always redirecting me to the order page to renew my membership (which is already renewed as the page keeps telling me).

I can't properly log in at all to the main site, but here at the forums it is fine.

Good morning Elizabeth,
Attached is documentation for applying to IET,
I also had a similar case (there was an intervention in the information systems department). I could not go to the main site. What I did was reset my password and still did not let me log in from my regular computer that I work on every day.
The only thing that helped me after consulting with the people I know from Israel is: try to recover a password from another computer (not my regular computer). I did so and it allowed me to enter the site.
Lisa Miles
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Hi all

I've been made aware that there were some issues with logging into the main IET website yesterday. As the online community shares the same log in service it may have caused some of you to experience a problem when trying to log in here too or if you were visiting other IET sites and services such as career manager, etc. 

Lisa Miles
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Hi Benyamin, 

I have removed the attachment in your post as it contained personal information (such as personal email addresses etc) which should not be shared publicly on the forum. 

Your specific issue is related to your duplicate accounts for this forum. You have two. One of which is linked to your IET membership information and one which is not. This is why you're having different experiences on the forum depending on which of your accounts you're logged into. 

We'll follow up with you on this privately via email. 🙂

First, thank you dear Lisa
Second, it worked out a long time ago

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