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Typo in link to Podcast item.
Hi, I was interested to read about the new podcast series with parliamentarians and I look forward to listening to the first podcast.

I am reporting a bug: The link on 'My Home' to the info is missing the 'h' ...of the opening 'https......'

Also, when the items cycle through an error message occurs - see attached Screenshot 2020-09-20 at 09.23.11.png 
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Lisa Miles
1274 Posts
Thanks for pointing out the typo  Ian MacGillivray‍ 👍 All fixed now.

Can you let me know what device and browser you're using for the error message to appear when it's cycling through the content? I'm on a Windows 10 laptop using chrome and it's behaving as it should for me. However, your screenshot makes me think you're on a mobile device? Phone or tablet? 

Can you let me know please so I can pin down the right environment for testing 😊 


Hi Lisa.  Macbook Air laptop running latest MacOS (Version 10.15.6 - Catalina) and version of Safari browser (Version 14.0).

To see the error message you need to allow the cycle of posts on the home-page to progress through.  The message does not appear straight away.

Good luck.


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