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Event registration
I haven't used the "register events" before, but this one sounded interesting:-

On clicking the link either from the page above or an email you are presented with a page like this:-

Where it sepficially says login using the form at the top (presume it means button).
But then you get this:-

And round we go again....
I did once end up on a page asking instead for an event ID (whilst logged in) which is nowhere to be seen.
Anyone else tried this system and like to comment?
For info this is an old desktop win7 running firefox. Not tried other options yet.
Roger G.
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Simon Barker
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Try opening another tab in your browser, then pasting in the event link that the IET originally sent you.

The single sign-on has never worked properly on the IET web site.  The problems were supposed to have been solved when the server was replaced, and all our logins changed.  It may have fixed some problems, but it created a whole load more.
Thanks Simon, tried that. Got the same page above, logged in, then got this:-

No idea where to find the event reference and now places are limited:-

I can see the link has updated ("Details") but that only gets you a pretty poster to download.
Anyway at least I tried. One other thought is how come a webinar has limited places? Are they not scalable to thousands? Genuinely I thought that was the point.
So I tried again, succeeded, and this is how I did it:-
Try to register for the event
Get page asking me to log in
Before leaving that page, copy the URL to the clipboard (ctrl C)
Paste and go to the URL (ctrl V)
Clearly it is not supposed to be this difficult (and I imagine would be even harder without a keyboard).
p.s. I think I found why a worldwide webinar has "limited places" (tl;dr - cost) :- https://www.forbes.com/sites/quora/2016/11/22/why-do-webinars-have-limits-on-registration/
Denis McMahon
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I have just been trying to register for a webinar and been round the merry-go-round at least twice. I tried Roger's method, but it did not work for me. I got the message: Third_party_invalid_login_request

I've wasted too much time on this by now, and simply did as I have done previously - filled in the details on the form, and this has produced the desired confirmation of registration. It would be nice, however, to think that my membership and participation had been registered thoroughly, rather than just one addition to the numbers claiming to be a Member.

The missing link here seems to be the registration number, which is requested to identify the event after logging in. Why is this not available - or if it is, where can it be found?
So circumstances conspired against me and I missed the live broadcast last night, does anyone know how long it will take to go up on IET TV or youtube? There appear to be no updates I can find on the registration/info pages yet.
Hi Roger

Sorry to say MOD policy prevented us from recording last night's webinar.

Regarding the log in issues - this is known and has been reported to be fixed. I can only apologise for the inconvenience while we wait for it to be fixed.

Our Zoom license has a limit on the number of delegates allowed at our webinars (currently 500).



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