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Post numbers
Lisa, the number of posts you have given me is from when, I used to have over 2000?

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AJJewsbury 77361768
1580 Posts
Didn't the counts start over when we moved to the "new" Forum software about a year ago?
   - Andy.
Alcomax 11001195572
173 Posts
Resistance is futile......
ebee 81966746
687 Posts
Yep I think so.
I had 6735 on the old Forum from Dec 2004 to March 2019 (6735 that`s sad innit?) about 9 a week but they all discounted now 😞
Lisa Miles 76762696
1219 Posts
Hi Dave

You've amassed over 2000 'activity points' (and still have if you take a look at your profile) based upon your activity in the community but your 'post' count is correct at 396.

As Andy says, the counter was reset when we moved from the old forum to this one and noted in the FAQ's we circulated at the time. 


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