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Known bugs and issues
Below you will find an ongoing list of known bugs and issues that we are aware of and have been reported:

Recent activity missing information - the topic title and link is missing from the 'Recent activity' block on the My Home page e.g. it says "xxx replied to in the the forums in Ask the Community". Alternatively, a title and link are given but take you to a really old topic in a different category... - FIXED

Signatures - these have been deliberately removed from the 'my account' area.

Bug in the up down arrow 2: new labels are confusing when used with the forum filters (up/down arrows) - https://communities.theiet.org/discussions/viewtopic/19/26436

New post not respecting page anchor: The new system doesn't seem to remember which 'page' you were on on longer threads - it takes you back to the first page every time (even after posting a reply to the latest post).

Notification links not anchored: following a link from an email notification doesn't take you directly to the post but to the topic.

Emojis in event comments: if you add a comment to an event and use an emoji, they currently display as question marks.

My account: There is now an option to choose your preferred time zone. Please note that this hasn't currently been implemented so you won't notice any discernible differences at the moment. 

This announcement is a list of current bugs and issues that we are aware of. Please check back for updates. If you find any new bugs or issues not covered in the list above, please read the reporting issues post before creating  a new topic and we'll investigate.

Edited: 15 December 2020


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