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READ ME before reporting a bug or issue.
Lisa Miles
1274 Posts
If you’re experiencing a problem or have found a bug while using the online community, please use this forum category to report them to us for investigation.
Before reporting to us, please try searching on this forum to see if the bug or issue has already been reported by another user. If you find that another user has already reported the bug/issue, please use the 'like' feature on the top of their post to indicate that you have also found it and add your own comments/experience to their existing report.

Please do not reply to an existing bug thread to report another new bug. Please add a new bug report as a new topic.
If you are reporting a new or existing bug or issue, providing us with as much of the following information as you can will help us to investigate the problem and help us to work with the developers to fix it as quickly as possible.
  • Which device are you using to view the online community, i.e.  a desktop PC, or a mobile device such as a mobile/cell phone or tablet? Let us know which make and model (mobile devices only) and which operating system (and version) your device is running. 
  • Tell us which internet browser you were using, i.e. Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge,  Safari, Chrome or other. Also include which version number of the browser software too.
  • Tell us what you are trying to do, what you were expecting to happen and where you were in the platform (provide a hyperlink to any pages/section if applicable) and give us a ‘step by step’ guide as to which actions you performed.
  • What was the error message text (if any)?

Include a screenshot showing the issue/bug if it would be helpful.   


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