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IET Needs Develop Research and Engineering in the Mining Sector
Post Brexit, (and when the Barbies gone cold..!), IET has the opportunity to lead the Mining industry through ground breaking and leading research. UK should invest significant amount of funding for developing the Mining Sector. For decades, Mining research and development has been ignored, by UK sitting on the EU holiday bus, leading to its own and much of the Commonwealth economic downturns. 

For UK to develop then, and come out of its economic downturn, it has to do the right thing, choose and keep the correct friends, and invest in the Mining sector, not being in any ways influenced by the Anti-Resource policies of the EU - that some say (including in the EU), has been a UK brain child to keep the post-colonies in line? (Is that true?)

The IET should start leading this important area of research and development for the best interest of the Commonwealth and much opportunities for the UK.  

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Simon Barker
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It's strange that the article you've linked doesn't mention salt mining.  That's a big industry in the UK.
Andy Millar
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I'd suggest that the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining already covers this rather better than the IET could. https://www.iom3.org/

And as per my other reply, the IET is NOT a trade association, it does not exist to promote any one industry or to boost the economy of any one country of group of countries.


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