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Importance of Social Safety and Inclusiveness in Innovation
Smart (!) Scooters that are currently doing the rounds in parts of Australia, are an example of where social safety is overlooked in the particular crazy of being innovative. Indeed, one may ask, what good is innovation, if it puts a society at risk? Would certain innovation ever have any useable engineering value? And also, how should engineers and the lawful society at large perceive such innovation?

Well, firstly, any piece of innovation has to be lawful and legal for it to be considered by society. Whilst, much financial value is initially allocated to such "Innovations", however, not being lawful usually means that later, the founder maybe under criminal investigations, and the company is easily wound up - implying such financial terrorism aspects from such innovation.

Such "Smart Scooters" are actually unlawful as per Australian Laws, in that they are not approved by any standards by virtue of not having a seat for the driver, making it a design for unsafe vehicles. However, here, "Innovation" is called, by NOT riding such vehicles on the roads, instead, riding them on the footpath(!) jeopardizing the safety of pedestrians.

So, - the next time someone asks you - how is it that as an Engineer, you cannot innovate and become a millionare, and generally be Smart - like the other guys? - maybe you can say that "Sorry guys, I have a really strict taxman!" ...


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