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Become qualified electrician
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Hi it would be great if you could help!

last year I enrolled in a course near me at a centre called Access training. It was sold to me that I would become a fully qualified electrician by the end of the course and there was no need to go down the apprenticeship route in which I didn’t know how to go about as Im 21. Being naive at the time I jumped at the opportunity. 

Further down the course and talking to people in the industry I have realised that this is not the case and doesn’t make me fully qualified.

In the next month or so I should have my 18th edition, part p, initial and periodic testing and LCL domestic installer certificates. 

I thought it would be best to get experience with a local company in which I have done, but me and my employer are desperate to find a way to get me fully qualified as I’m so keen.

Obviously I have paid a lot of money for my training to date and I am struggling to find the right information in my position of the next steps to become a real fully qualified electrician for all areas. 

Can my employer help in any way?
are there any fundings available as I’m 21?
do I still need L2&L3 to do nvq/Am2?
Do I even need any more qualifications, can I just build up loads of experience?

great if someone can help!!!

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I shall be able to help you out on this one as I did exactly the same thing as you. 

I studied there 5 years back and thought all the qualifications should be enough to get me into the industry. Little did I know. 

the best thing for you to do is find a company that is willing to take you in as an improver and fund your Level 3 NVQ and other technical qualifications. That’s what I did. The level 3 NVQ is a competency based qualification so shows companies you’ve actually got the skills to do the job. You can then do the AM2 which is a requirement to get a JIB gold card as an electrician. 

i hope this helps any other questions feel free to contact me



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