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Top up degrees - Power Systems Aston University
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I am looking at top up degrees to follow on from my current HND/level 5 studies. There aren't a great deal of options for distance learning out there.

I would be particularly interested in speaking to anyone who has studied the BEng Professional Engineering (Power Systems) at Aston Uni as this would be most relevant to my current (and likely future) employment. Would like to know as much about the programme as possible:

What do you actually study in the individual modules?
What's the technical standard / difficulty of the material?
How is it assessed?

Any help or advice much appreciated.
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According to the current IET list of accredited degrees below, the BEng course in question provides partial accredition towards CEng registration. The accredition period is 2019 - 2023. That would suggest that you have to opt for the 2 year program to finish it by 2023. Members more knowledgeable on the matter may wish to offer clarification


The university offers an online chat with a lecturer below if you want to discuss further about the course. Again some members might wish to add comment about the practicalities of doing this course.


Hope that helps.
Roy Bowdler
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I haven’t had any direct contact with this course for several years. But Aston University in general and this course in particular have had a strong reputation in the power industry for many years.

When I was closer, a number of major industry employers were committed to a version of it. I can’t offer the perspective of having been a student, but unless something has changed in recent years, I would expect the course to still be highly regarded by participants, employers and the IET.          


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