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COVID-19: Schools Re-Opening - How Can Engineering & Technology Support this?
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Hi All,

I'm interested to know if you think there is specific technology or engineering innovations that can support the phased re-opening of schools in the UK?

Do you think there should be different approaches/timescales nationally (i.e. for the devolved nations) and/or regionally?

Additionally, are you aware of lessons we can learn from other countries that have already started this process?

As always, keen to get your expert opinions!

Many thanks,

Kate-Zillah Sharpe
Devolved Nations Lead
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Well, I guess schools will need to learn the lessons of good infection control - basically employ good hygiene practices and keep doing that relentlessly. From there a low tech people management approach is needed to keep people apart as much as practical.

Beyond that, we don't seem to have stacks of sick children around the place, and that seems to be borne out across Europe, so in well managed schools, the risk seems low

I guess fundamentally we need to decide why we are sending kids back to school when we have no cohesive track and trace in place - it's either that they really need to be back in school for their well being - or we need free childcare to allow parents back to work before the country goes totally bankrupt - take your pick of policy and go from there.

In terms of engineering widgets, there probably aren't that many excepting perhaps UV sterilization or chemical fogging to kill off any nastiness - and good cleaners would achieve that anyway.

Get the track and trace apps in place would be my advice along with any army of contact chasers - so it can be stamped on at a local level if/when required.




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