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Delusions of Gender: Neuroscience and Stereotyping
The IET Berkshire Local Network is pleased to announce that registration is now open for our online event "Delusions of Gender: Neuroscience and Stereotyping", starting at 19:00 on 4th March, and timed (as closely as possible) to coincide with International Women's Day (actually on 8th March).

The talk will be given by Nikki Dancey, who is currently a Regional Organiser for the GMB Trade Union, supporting thousands of workers across every sector of industry in the UK.  She is a life-long activist for the working class, women, LGBT+ people and all under-represented groups.

Delusions of Gender is based heavily, though not exclusively, on the pivotal text of the same name by Cordelia Fine.  As a renowned neuroscientist, Fine wrote this extremely readable, funny and critically acclaimed book, detailing many peer reviewed studied and experiments about how our lives and our society steer men and women in markedly different ways.  The talks winds its way from conception through to adult life, including data on the difference in experiences had by people of different genders of the Sciences at school, at home and beyond in the world of work.  It was designed to be a brief and entertaining summary of some of the fascinating experiments that cast doubt on historical assumptions about ‘male’ and ‘female’ brains.

See the the event page for full details, and for registration.



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