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E&T Woman in Engineering - Is this inclusive?
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Hi all,

This month's edition of the E&T magazine has come with a supplementary copy of "Women in Engineering", which only women have received.
This additional content covers topics such as improving work-life balance, "navigating recruitment" and an article about the 100th anniversary of The Women's Engineering Society. Issues that I personally think are not exclusive to women.

Why can this content not just be included in the main magazine?

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Andy Millar
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Why can this content not just be included in the main magazine?

Since I don't get the magazine any more I haven't seen this - but I'm guessing that the answer to the "just" part of this sentence is so that it can also be used in other contexts? I am a bit surprised if it wasn't supplied to all magazine subscribers though?

I would say that whilst I agree that these issues are not exclusive to women, they are different for women (in UK society at any rate), and the solutions are different. So I can quite understand and fully support articles / supplements being focused differently while we get over this hurdle - which will take time as we have a couple of thousand years or more of social bias to get over! (In fact it's remarkable how quickly engineering is changing, at last.) But we all need to understand the issues, so yes let's spread the word as widely as possible.



Lee Nelson
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I am a bit surprised if it wasn't supplied to all magazine subscribers though?

No it really wasn't. My husband and I both get the magazine - I got the supplement and he didn't. Of course everyone should have got it and I was really shocked that they did not. The under-representation of women in engineering is not a problem for women only, it's a problem for everyone!

The supplement contained articles about returnships (mainly applies to women but not exclusively as the article points out and men may be involved in implementing them), work-life balance (aren't men allowed a work-life balance?) and recruitment (men recruit and are recruited).

It was a shocking decision by the IET to only deliver this to women - what were you thinking!
Andy Millar
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The Chartered Management Institute seem to have taken the opposite approach: I've just received the following, advertising the Inspiring Women In Business conference:

 Hi Andy,

Lean in, speak out and have a voice in your organisation. It is pure mythology that women cannot succeed as well as men in business. Female leaders are just as adept at untangling complex problems, seeing the possibilities in new solutions and leading teams with vision.

The glass ceiling is there to be broken. By joining us on 12th March in Edinburgh for IWIB, you'll have the opportunity to shatter the status quo. This is your chance to pick up practical insights and lessons from the country’s top business people, take control of your career and develop the skills and strategies to make you a business leader within your organisation.

If you're not at IWIB, you're not learning and in a competitive world that means you're falling behind - someone else will have the chance to step out of the day-to-day and raise their game, so why risk missing out?

Actually, this only needed a little tweak to the second paragraph and it would have made sense as a general mail out (e.g. instead of "take control of your career" make it more general for the "women in your organisation"). But as it was it rather amused me given the discussion above. I guess they'd had exactly the same discussion and decided just to mail it out to everyone.



Thank you for the feedback on E&T's Women in Engineering supplement. This was made possible by the support of sponsors which allowed us to send it in print to 22,000 female IET members in the UK who are the audience we felt would most benefit from access to this practically focused content on how to develop their careers in engineering. The supplement is also available online eandtmagazine.online/WomeninEngineering2019/ and was promoted to all 220,000 recipients of our weekly career newsletter (including 80,000 IET members) on three occasions in December 2019 thereby making it available to a much wider audience.
Amanda Weaver
Director, Professional Publishing and Learning


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