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Electrical Progression and training.
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Hi guys just wanted some advice on career progression and my options. Here is a bit about me. 

I’m 25 served originally a mechanical apprenticeship then completed a HNC in mechanical engineering. I was always curious about the electrical industry and wanted to know more and learn more so I decided to work for a company carrying out maintenance where I then completed an electrical apprenticeship. I am a very inquisitive individual so as you can imagine have many questions on topics I’d like to understand better which at a technician level is not always possible getting the answers off peers. 

My interest is in electrical engineering and am wanting to hopefully study towards a HND/ maybe a degree but wanted advice on what you guys reckon is best. I am currently in full time work. Not sure if it’s best to stay where I am and self fund a HND while I still work (I know it may be hard as I don’t think I will be allocated any time at work to study). Or to potentially find a job with another company which will support my studies? 

thank you for your help in advance guys 

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Chris Pearson
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Congratulations on your progress so far!

I would say embrace any opportunity to improve your education.

I am a great fan of the Open University, but sadly the very modest fees were increased almost 10 years ago. The great thing about it is that "open" means open.

The traditional approach to university is to accumulate shed loads of debt in the 3 years after leaving school. Surely it is better to work and at least in part to pay one's way. Perhaps harder, but better in the long run.

Good luck!
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Agree with Chris but make sure that you have the brace of qualifications necessary to underpin your time-served electrical apprenticeship, especially the NVQ. Bolt on essentials like 2391 should also be sought and perhaps the 2396 as a further step to assist in strengthening the electrical foundation. I did a HNC late in life and found it very rewarding. At 25 you have the world at your feet so go get it and enjoy every minute!
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Thank you guys appreciate it! Just want to keep learning. Don’t know how hard it will be to get a company to support further studies. My NVQ level 3 in electrical maintenance and have also completed Test and inspection. 
The question should be "what do you want to do"?
You can do electrics so what next?
Andrew Ince
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Hi Jack
I concur with Chris regarding Open University. It provides excellent university level study. You decide on the pace of study and can decide the courses taken to suit your interests. Your existing HNC will act as credit towards a degree qualification which is awarded when reaching 360 credits and from memory 120 at level 3 will provide an Honours.
I was fortunate to get funding from my employer to study with the OU but compared with conventional university the present costs are excellent value.
Be prepared to change career direction as required in our uncertain and rapidly changing world of work. Something I have done going from Geologist to IT Network Specialist via several other career choices. I would say one of my most enjoyable studies was evening classes in City and Guilds Electronic Servicing! I have a passion for practical work and skills which the C&G courses are particularly aimed at.
Best wishes for you future.
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study towards a HND/ maybe a degree 

Go for it Jack, but do check that the course you take is one accredited by the IET for the professional level you're aiming for.

Back in 1985, I had to go full time at Aston aged 29 as the OU and other day release etc courses were not accredited for CEng and since 2001? you need Masters level to satisfy the standard academic route.

Best wishes in your studies Jack.




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