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Amendment 2 Part 8 !
When was Amendment 1 ...     During these imposed impacting times and with my shed of a head as a result, it would be nice to just relax and not be bothered any more and let the madness of the world pass by...  oh for the freedom to be able tp choose  ,

from Martindale:
"...After the 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations was released in 2018 (BS 7671:2018), an update covering EV charging installations came into effect earlier this year in the form of Amendment 1.

Recently, new proposed changes have been published for public discussion by the British Standards Institute, to be included in Amendment 2. These cover different areas, the most significant being the requirement for AFDDs, RCDs and additional earthing. A new Part 8 would cover Energy Efficiency and prosumer low-voltage installations and some areas have been rewritten for more clarity.

The propositions are available on the BSI portal [martindale-electric-safety.com] and are open for comment until 11th December 2020. ..."

Perhaps I'll wait for  19th Edition.


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