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IP65 shower light
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Are normal mains voltage downlights rated IP65 suitable for above bathroom showers, or do they have to be specifically for showers?
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Depends on the height - above 2.25m it'll be outsize zones so no particular requirements apply (just the general ones about being suitable for the environment). If it is in zone 1  then it needs to be at least IPX4 (or IPX5 if exposed to water jets for cleaning etc) and be suitable for that zone according to the manufacturer's instructions - which may or may not result in the manufacturer selling it as a "shower" version. If it was a little to the side and in zone 2 then IPX4 (or IPX5) would do even if the manufacturer didn't say anything about suitability.
   -  Andy.
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Does replacing the shower light (swapping a 12v fan light for a 240v IP65 downlight) require Part P or would it be classed as replacement/repair?

Light is 2.5m above so outside zone 2

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In england work that is alteration an addition outside Zone 2 that is not a new circuit counts as non-notifiable under part P-  which I assume is wnat you meant. In Wales it is notifiable, though who is checking if the work is notified or not I do not know.


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