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TT supply and 'Arquiva' Smart Meters
ARE 11001215607
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I know a Type 1+2+3  Connection Type 2  SPD, fitted close downstream of my DNO Head and meter, should protect me and the stuff in my house.
Does anyone know what is likely to happen to a Smart Meter (or an old analogue meter) if the overhead TT supply is hit directly by lightning ~ let's say within 500 meters of my house?  Might these meters catch fire ?
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Kelly Marie 11001211805
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I think the answer is that an old style electromechanical meter is less likely to be destroyed  depending on how close the strike is and how powerful it is it's a different story with electronic meters it's likely that its internal power supply  will be damaged some of them have additional surge protection built in so that mite save it
Alan Capon 20740443
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If you have a direct strike to the incoming supply, the meter is the last thing you will be worried about. The last one I attended had a significant number of accessories physically blown off the wall, and needed a complete rewire. How much carnage the SPD will prevent, I am not sure. 


mapj1 80733779
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yes, if the strike is near enough that the property  is the exit point, it might catch fire. So may the cable jacket and anywhere that is within flashind distance of earth. A direct strike is essentially a constant current with a near infinite voltage behind it, capable of jumping tens of metres. The only cure is to give it some where easy to jump, to limit the peak voltage, hence the arc-horns on overhead lines.
Do not worry, your house being struck almost never happens, what happens far more often is a strike within a few km, that sets fire to someone else's meter or their trees or chimney, but introduces kV spikes on all the local LV network.

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