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Cable Lugs
Nick Parker 11001210839
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The project specification says, "All compression connectors for 10mm2 and larger conductors shall have a manufacturer's reference compression die number and conductor size printed or stamped on the connector".

If the marking requirement is not complied by lug vendors on the pad/tongue of the lugs, the same can be pressed into the lugs during crimping, using appropriate dies. Is this acceptable?

 I say this because the pressed marking on the crimping part would be compared with the factory markings on the pad/tongue of the lugs for verification.
Even if the factory markings are not provided, the pressed marking on the crimping part would be verified with the catalogues /datasheet of the lugs.
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Usually the hexagonal dies used to fit/compress the lugs onto the cable end - will stamp the size of die used onto the lug. 

The lugs usually come with a size of lug already stamped on it from the manufacturers (On the flat part of the lug)....... say a 95/12 would mean that this lug is for  a 95mm cable and has a 12mm hole - so it can/should be connected by a  12mm threaded bolt. 

I think the requirement is for your crimping tool to stamp the lug with the size of die used to do the crimp. (So don't use a pin type crimping tool or pliers or anything else that wont stamp the size of tool used)
Dbat 11001212107
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Not that you'll be able to see it once you've put some heat shrink on it, so seems a bit of a pointless specification
John Peckham 68348
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I have not seen a manufacturers die number on a crimp or die only the size only the impressed CSA and the makers name on the crimp and, as Chris says, the 95/12 type marking for the CSA and bolt size.

Is this some sort of very specialist installation in something like a nuclear plant? Or is it a generic cut and paste spec? If it is the latter go back and question it and ask why explaining that you will be using manufacturers lugs (whoever) and the CSA will be impressed on to the lug by the die. 

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