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Main neutral link on Square D main switch burning out.
hertzal123 70729510
50 Posts
Noticed the plug in type KQ 120A N link beside the main incomer showing signs of burning.This 3 ph board feeds about
10 air con units which presumably have inverters on the compressors.Wondered if the neutral currents may not cancel out
in this situation and be excessive.The supply cable is 35mm.Thanks for any opinions.
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John Peckham 68348
400 Posts
Could be triplen harmonics with neutral currents adding up. Time to break out the True RMS clamp meter and take some measurements. 
AJJewsbury 77361768
1622 Posts
Or could just be just a loose connection or poor contact (say the link wrongly assembled with a washer in the wrong place or some such).
  - Andy.
hertzal123 70729510
50 Posts
Thanks for the replies.

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