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Testing House Wiring.
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I am about to test my house wiring using an E meter. Will the leads have to be connected the right way around on a ring final circuit test, or can they be connected any way around?


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Snake Oil meter! Measures efficiency of SPDs and AFDDs!
It will not work correctly unless you feed it with the correct type of arc or surge though, so beware of false readings!
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No good for house electrics Zoom, but maybe to check your accounts 😀
The E-meter is even less useful than a polygraph. For those wondering, it is used in some situations by the church of Scientology, to asses people's motivations - a sort of very crude lie detector test
The circuit for the first ones is in the public domain, being part of L Ron Hubbard's patent.

.Emeter Mk1

The new ones include  a mains supply and some more electronics, to reject picked up mains hum and proved some filtering for false alarms but the functions are the same.
link to site with a tear down.
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Well I lost the will to live about a quarter of the way thru the vid so turned it off. I have no idea what an E meter might be and that pratt put me off it for life.


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