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I hope I'll be able to get some clarification on what has become a very confusing issue for me.

I have just completed the following courses which i was told would be enough to join NICEIC Residential Scheme with 2 assessable jobs and less than 2 years experience. Apparently this has changed in the last month or so, and now its mandatory to have two years experience.

C&G 4141-01 Electrical Installation Work within a Domestic Building
C&G 2393 Level 3 certificate in the Building Regulations for Electrical Installations in Dwellings
C&G 2392 Level 2 Fundamental Inspection, Testing & Initial Verification
C&G 2382 Level 3 Award in Requirements for Electrical Installations 18th Edition

NAPIT however will accept people without 2 years experience so long as they hold a qualification in Lists 1-4 of their guide, one of which is course 2397-30.

Unfortunately this course no longer exists, having been replaced by the courses ive taken. However these only appear in List 12 of the guide which needs 2 years experience.

To complicate matters further the IET document "EAS 15-362" Appendix 4 which competent scheme providers are supposed to follow states 2397-30 OR its equivalent can be accepted with proof of competency by assessment without two years experience.

Is there anyone out there that can clarify any of this please ? I thought the 18th edition regs were hard !!!
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Just phone them and ask, they are quite approachable.

Andy Betteridge 
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Quite agree - NAPIT are by far the most approachable and pragmatic of the Competent Persons Schemes; but that doesn't make them perfect. In practice you will find that with all schemes what they publically say and what they might accept can differ and the requirements will continually change.  What they want now is very different to what they would accept 10 years ago. Give Mansfield a call.


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